• 13 Jan / 19:00 - 20:30 / All

    Friday night workshop night!

    Different interesting workshops on Fridays with varying theme’s, check the schedule and find your workshop!

    •  Sign up at the bar or give us a call!
    • Cost: 15,-


    13-1 Improve your bouldering with Strength & Mobility workshop by Eddie van Dongen. 

    • Location: Bouldergym
    • Time: 19.00 – 20.30!
    • Target audience: Anyone who is interested

    As climbers we do not want huge muscle gains. We just want to be very strong, move well and be able to climb hard. Well that’s where mobility comes in VERY useful:

    Mobility can simply be defined as your ability to move through space. It focusses on increasing more range of motion(ROM) in the joints, strengthening the small muscles and training tendons & ligaments. This is done through isolating a joint in a certain area. From there we create better movement, but also need to strengthen these areas in order to perform better.

    This is where mobility and strength come together. We don’t train to get bigger muscles, we train to get stronger! We need strong tendons, ligaments and smaller muscles. By diving into this Strength & Mobility workshop you will understand how to train smarter and more efficiently as a climber.

    Improve your climbing and join the workshop!

    Registrate here: https://www.movementvibrations.com/mobility

    10-2 Dynamic Moves

    • Deadpoints, double dyno’s, triple dyno’s. Timing, coordination, spacial awareness. This workshop ties it all together! 
    • Target audience: Boulderers that climb at least 6A (Pink). 
    • Location: Bouldergym

    10-3 LEF!

    • Defeat sketchiness, learn to trust your feet, dare to make uncertain moves. In this workshop we’re going to work on stress free bouldering at your limits.
    • Target audience: Everyone that experiences stress while bouldering
    • Location: Bouldergym