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    Bouldering is a social sport. Together you try different moves to solve a boulder problem. You watch others, encourage them and learn from them. It is, therefore, perfect for team outings. After a brief 5 minute instruction you are ready to get started.

    Do you want to combine bouldering with a meeting, workshop, or an event? A meeting room is available for rent.

    Aside from our menu, we can arrange a customised package for groups of 10 or more people.  For example, we can arrange pastries, lunch, dinner or a buffet.  Attention! You are not allowed to consume your own food and beverages in our cafe. 

    Advanced bookings are required for 5 or more people. For more than 15 people and custom packages, please get in touch via ‘Customised bookings’.

    Bookings › Customised bookings ›
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