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  • Sponsored athletes

    GRIP sponsors talented climbers!

    Simon Boes     

    Simon has been climbing as a GRIP Athlete for six years now. During his climbing career, he has achieved many impressive accomplishments. He became the Dutch youth champion in 2019 and has won a bunch of medals in both boulder and lead competitions. He also climbed several 8B+ boulders in Switzerland and France and recently completed his first 8C boulder. Currently, Simon performs at the top level of outdoor bouldering in the world.

    Timon Vos   

    Fanatic climber, builder, and bartender Timon! Timon is a true lead climber. He performs at the top level in the Netherlands and recently won a gold medal, earning him a ticket to the European lead cups. Additionally, he recently climbed his first 8C route outdoors. With a bucket of peanut butter, he always comes cheerfully to the bouldering gym to train or work for hours. If he’s not in the gym, there’s a good chance he’s climbing outside.

    Eva Vink  

    After spending six years on the Dutch team, Eva took a break from the sport. Now, she has rediscovered her joy in climbing and combines her enthusiasm with training for tough outdoor routes. She prefers to warm up on other people’s projects to break some masculine egos. If she’s not at GRIP, she dreams away about cups of coffee on mountain walls in Spain or Italy.

    Merijn Langkamp

    The curly-haired climber, Merijn, has been around GRIP since a young age. Through the GRIP youth team, he became a regular finalist climber at the national youth competitions (boulder & lead). His last youth year resulted in a 3rd place in the NJK lead and a 5th place in the NJK boulder. Now, he enthusiastically participates in the senior competitions. Additionally, he enjoys outdoor adventures on the rocks and trains for 8-grade routes.

    Gideon Zuiker

    Gideon started climbing at GRIP at 13 and has since climbed at the gym frequently. In the beginning, his focus was mainly on climbing during the finals of the NJK lead. Nowadays, his focus is entirely on completing difficult outdoor rock routes. Gideon has already achieved a lot of success outdoors and gathered an impressive record of 8-grade routes. Gideon has also made an impressive recovery from a few major climbing injuries. This shows that the road to his top is not easy, but it is one to be proud of!

    Kaya van Haasteren

    Kaya has been climbing at GRIP for 12 years. She has participated in National lead and boulder competitions as a team member for a long time and performed well at the NJK’s. Now she is using her experience to train our best youth climbers. In recent years, she has focused on outdoor bouldering.