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    Anything you need for bouldering can be found at our GRIP shop. We sell climbing shoes, sports apparel, chalk bags, boulder brushes and even crash pads. Does a new crash pad exceed your budget? No worries, they are also available for rent!

    If the shoe fits…

    Do you need help finding the right climbing shoes? Our GRIP crew of diehard boulderers is ready to help. Our shop offers a wide range of climbing shoes for all levels of climbers, from well known brands such as Scarpa, La Sportiva, Ocun, and Squark. There’s something for everyone: Whether you want something more aggressive to help with overhangs, more rubber for those pesky toe- and heel-hooks, or simply looking for a comfortable first pair of climbing shoes. One big advantage of our shop: You may even test the shoes on a couple of boulder problems before you decide to buy them.

    If you cannot find the right shoe size or if you have any other questions, please get in touch with Linda (Store Manager).

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