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  • General terms and conditions

    Article 1 Definition of terms

    1. “GRIP Nijmegen” is the trade name of Klimcentrum Nijmegen B.V. for the sports facilities that are operated at Kamerlingh Onnesstraat 35 (“GRIP Boulderhal”) and at van Rosenburgweg 52 (“GRIP Klimcentrum”) in Nijmegen, Klimcentrum Nijmegen B.V. has its registered office in Nijmegen.
    2. Visitors are all individuals who use one or both of the described sports accommodations.
    3. Active visitors are visitors who use the sports facilities offered. Active visitors are registered as members of GRIP Nijmegen. 

    Article 2 Safety

    1. Prior to using the sports facilities, active visitors are required to familiarize themselves with the house rules, safety rules and General Terms and Conditions of GRIP Nijmegen which are located at the counter and in the immediate vicinity of the climbing walls. In the event of any unclear nature of these regulations or the manner in which they are complied with, the visitor is obliged to obtain clarity by contacting the staff present before using the facilities offered. House rules and safety rules differ per location.
    2. Active visitors are only permitted to make use of the facilities offered if their health condition is optimal and their fitness level is sufficient to undertake the sports activities offered.
    3. When using the facilities offered, active visitors commit themselves to not only be aware of their own safety, but also that of others.
    4. The safety rules for each location are described in the “house rules“. 

    Article 3 Access

    1. Every active visitor who wishes to make use of the sports facilities on offer must sign up at the reception desk on their first visit and thereby declare to accept the house and safety rules and the general terms and conditions, and, if desired, may receive a copy of the completed registration form.
    2. Per visit, every active visitor must report to the reception desk prior to starting sporting activities.
    3. Active visitors up to 12 years of age only have access to the sports facilities whilst under the direct supervision of at least one adult visitor who has signed a registration form.
    4. Independent bouldering is permitted from the age of 12. Independent sport climbing (including indoor toprope, indoor lead climbing or climbing using auto belay) is permitted from the age of 16. GRIP applies specific competence and admission requirements for each of the independent sports.
    5. All visitors must be able to provide proof of identity.
    6. GRIP Nijmegen has the right to determine its own opening times, and to limit the duration of visits.
    7. Pre-paid 10-visit passes (strippenkaarten) are for personal use, non-transferable, and are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.
    8. Direct debit of memberships takes place either at the beginning or around the 15th of every month. There is no prior notice of this debit.
    9. GRIP Nijmegen reserves the right to periodically implement a price change after prior notice via newsletter/email or otherwise.
    10. GRIP Nijmegen has the right to cancel group reservations if the number of registrations is below the pre-arranged number of participants.
    11. If reservations are changed or cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the arranged time, the agreed amount will be charged in full.

    Article 4 Removal and exclusion 

    Visitors who, in the opinion of GRIP Nijmegen staff, do not comply with the general conditions and/or safety regulations and/or house rules and/or behave in such a way as to endanger order, concentration or safety may be removed immediately. In the event of a repeated expulsion, GRIP Nijmegen has the right to decide on exclusion. The removed or excluded visitor is not entitled to a refund of membership or entrance fees.

    Article 5 Liability

    1. GRIP Nijmegen is not liable for damage caused by, related to or arising from:

    • Inadequate fitness and/or health of Active visitors.
    • Overestimation of capabilities of Active visitors.
    • The conscious disregard of instructions and/or instructions by Active visitors.

    2. GRIP Nijmegen is never liable for damages suffered by visitors as a result of theft or loss in or around the accommodations. Nor is GRIP Nijmegen ever liable for personal injury or damages to visitors that is (partially) the result of a limited physical fitness or health of the visitor, or due to defects and/or shortcomings in the visitor’s own climbing materials.
    3. Nor can damage as a result of violations by the visitor of these general terms and conditions and/or safety rules lead to any liability on the part of GRIP Nijmegen. Staff members of GRIP Nijmegen are, except in the case of instructions from visitors, not charged with any form of supervision of visitor safety, and as such GRIP Nijmegen does not accept any liability in this regard.
    4. GRIP Nijmegen accepts the liability for injuries/damages to visitors that are proven consequences of a defect in the equipment provided by GRIP Nijmegen, except in cases that such defects cannot be attributed to GRIP Nijmegen.
    5. In some cases, GRIP Nijmegen provides services in the form of instructions; GRIP Nijmegen is not liable for damage caused by acts or omissions of employees, or attributable in whole or in part to those employees, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the employee.
    6. Should GRIP Nijmegen be liable on any ground, such liability can only lead to compensation insofar that such liability is covered by GRIP Nijmegen’s insurance and up to the maximum amount paid out under that insurance. If, despite cover, the insurer of GRIP Nijmegen does not pay out to the injured party or if the insurer is not obliged to make a payment on the basis of an attributable shortcoming on the part of GRIP Nijmegen, the liability of GRIP Nijmegen is limited to a maximum of € 10,000 per event.

    Article 6 Privacy

    Visitors give GRIP Nijmegen explicit permission to process their information by entering into an agreement, such as registration with GRIP Nijmegen. GRIP Nijmegen processes data in accordance with the prevailing Privacy Statement of GRIP Nijmegen.

    Article 7 Applicable Terms and Conditions

    These General Terms and Conditions are in effect as of the time of the date stated below that coincides with the time of publication. GRIP Nijmegen is entitled to change these terms and conditions at any time. New terms and conditions will come into effect shortly thereafter and cannot affect the previously acquired rights of visitors, except in cases of renewed memberships and after memberships expire.

    This text is a translation from the original text in Dutch. In case of dispute the original text in Dutch will prevail.

    GRIP Nijmegen, 26 – 08 – 2019