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  • Boulders

    Every route or ‘boulder problem’ has a certain colour. The colour of the holds represents the difficulty level of the boulder problem. GRIP uses the French grading system and our boulders range from level 3A (beginners) to 8A (advanced/professional). The start and end holds are marked, but it is on you to figure out how to get from beginning to end! You will need strength, flexibility and balance. And equally important: focus and creativity.

    Boulder style

    We have approximately 200 boulders on 1000 squared meters of climbing wall. Our boulder problems are versatile and modern. We have traditional boulders with small holds that require a lot of precise footwork and finger strength; but also dynamic problems that can only be solved by jumping from one hold to another. More advanced climbers should also head to the Arena to attempt our competition style boulders. From jump start to bathang: GRIP Boulderhal is full of physical and mental challenges for beginners to advanced climbers.

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    Each Monday, our professional routesetter team resets the boulders of one level/color. Each Friday, our team sets four new competition style boulder. With a different experience every week, there will always be a reason to come back for more!

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    Training area

    For advanced climbers we have an elaborate training area with 3 spray training walls (at 20, 30 and 40 degrees) and two tension boards (at 20 and 40 degrees). You can connect to the tension boards via bluetooth and choose from various problems using  your phone. The LEDs of the tension boards will change and, voilà, a new boulder has appeared!


    TopLogger is an app where you can track your ascents, check your progress, and get involved with the gym. It features a custom interactive map of the hall, specially designed to easily locate your climbs and make your own to-do list.

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