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  • Youth training

    Training groups are available for children between ages 6 and 16. Training is provided by our certified staff for each peer group:

    • Klauterclub: Age 6 – 8
    • Category E: Age 9
    • Category D: Age 10-11
    • Category C: Age 12-13
    • Category B: Age 14-15
    • Category A: Age 16
    • Category J (Juniors): Age 17-21

    Due to a recent change in the age categories, it is possible that youth between 9-16 years old still train at the same time. The categories A to E train simultaneously but will be separated during the sessions as much as possible.

    Youth Selection Team

    The youth team is a group of our most talented kids between 9 and 17 years old. Kids may only join this team when invited by our trainers. They train three times a week at both locations under the supervision of our experienced trainers. 

    Meet our Youth Team ›


    To join a training group, kids must acquire a youth membership for at least 3 months. They may choose between a GRIP Boulderhal Membership or a GRIP membership (valid at both locations). They attend at least 1 training per week at a fixed day and time. The costs of this weekly session are covered by the membership. Aside from their training, they have unlimited access to our Boulderhal (and potentially also our Klimcentrum). If they want to boulder or climb outside their training group, kids younger than 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

    Kids may also opt for 2 classes a week (monthly extra costs are € 7,-) or 3 classes a week (monthly extra costs are € 14,-). 

    Kids who come in through Stichting Leergeld will get a discount. Moreover, there is a family discount when at least three family members have a monthly membership. Please get in touch for more information.  


    Registration Youth training GRIP Klimcentrum

    If your child is interested in joining a youth training group, you can register them below. Please select your preferred days and times (multiple answers are allowed). Subsequently, we will put your kid on the waiting list. Whenever there is a spot available in one of the groups you selected, we will invite you and your child for a trial lesson. After a maximum of 2 trial lessons (€9,- per lesson), you decide whether to join the training group. Of course, you may also skip the trial sessions and register for a membership right away. Attention! Unfortunately, waiting time is 3 to 9 months due to popular demand. Please register on time. 

    Register for training at GRIP Klimcentrum ›

    Prefer Bouldering?

    It is also possible to attend boulder and climbing training. In that case, please also register for our youth training groups at our Klimcentrum.

    Youth Training GRIP Boulderhal ›