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  • Schools

    Schools are very welcome at GRIP Klimcentrum. Our certified instructors will teach your students how to climb and belay. There are different lessons available. 

    Autobelays – Single session

    Students will climb at our Autobelay area (height: 12 meters).  Autobelays are self-regulating magnetic braking systems that allow your students to climb without a belayer.  They are easy to use and meet incredibly strict safety standards.  After a brief instruction, they may climb for 1 hour. 

    Toprope – Multi-day course

    Do you want your students to learn even more? Choose our multi-day Toprope course. Our certified instructors will teach your students how to belay at our bottom floor (height: 21 meters). We will focus on safety, climbing technique and climbing gear knowledge. If the course is completed succesfully, students will receive their Indoor Toprope Certificate (KVB-IT). With this certificate, your students are allowed to climb in all climbing centers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Attention: minimum age to climb without supervision differs across climbing centers.

    The minimum age of acquiring an Indoor Toprope Certificate is 14 years. The duration of the course will be 8 climbing hours in total, preferably spread over 5 sessions. In the last session, students will take the exam.


    Schools qualify for adjusted rates. They are limited to our opening hours, unless the group exceeds 10 people. Please get in touch for information, custom packages and prices.

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