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  • Routes

    Every route has a certain grade. GRIP uses the French grading system and our routes range from level 3A (beginners) to 8A (advanced/professional). Our professional routesetter team sets new routes every Thursday. With a different experience every week, there will always be a reason to come back for more!

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    GRIP goes through the roof

    GRIP Klimcentrum is one of the highest climbing centres in the Netherlands: you can climb up to 21 meters off the ground! Our routes are very versatile, with wall angles that vary throughout the hall; there are straight walls, overhangs, slabs, roofs, and arêtes. We have traditional routes with small holds that require a lot of precise footwork and finger strength; but also more dynamic routes that require making a small jump from one hold to another.

    Some of the overhanging walls are intended for lead climbing, and since June 2020 you can even climb through the roof!

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    Training area

    There is a small training area at the first floor. The area is equipped with weights, pull up bars, hang boards and yoga mats. 


    TopLogger is an app where you can track your ascents, check your progress, and get involved with the gym. It features a custom interactive map of the hall, specially designed to easily locate your climbs and make your own to-do list.

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