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  • GRIP Crew

    Melle Melle

    Top route builder and head coach of our youth selection. This walking climbing encyclopedia knows the answers to all your climbing related questions. Do you want to know the technical ins and outs of a route? Do you want to know why you are fumbling around in routes and how it should be done? Melle is the Leonardo Da Vinci among our trainers.
    Lukas Lukas

    As head coach, Lukas is responsible for all trainings within GRIP. He climbs the most difficult routes with an enviable suppleness. This fanatic climber has been training for decades now. With his experience in both education and climbing you're guaranteed a good lesson from Lukas.
    Peter Peter

    Peter has been giving climbing training at GRIP since 2017. Thanks to his charismatic character, you'll send seemingly impossible problems with a smile on your face. With his creative style and sporting background (CIOS Arnhem) he is always looking for new challenges.
    Fatos Fatos

    This tough broad packs a punch. Her muscles are for sure bigger than yours. With her physical and mental strength she tops routes you can only dream of. She builds routes, trains the youth selection, and is our resident physiotherapist in the Boulderhal.
    Simon Simon

    Youth selection climber, trainer and hard boulder tester. Can be found training in the Arena at all times!
    Ian Ian

    Bar staff & youth trainer