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  • GRIP Crew

    Noel Noel

    Founder and creator of GRIP. Noël started as an employee at the Klimhal in the nineties. In 2004 he left to further develop himself as a professional within the climbing sport. In 2012 Noël returned to take over the Nijmegen Klimhal and, with the knowledge and the right people around him, he developed it step by step into what GRIP is today.
    Rosa Rosa

    Manager of GRIP Boulder Hall. Rosa has been climbing at GRIP (then Klimhal) since she was a child. She is incredibly strong and climbs without fear. Everything that goes at GRIP Boulderhal falls under Rosa's responsibility, and that's no small feat! Fortunately, she's always positive and can't be beaten out of the game. Flexible as she is, she can extinguish metaphorical fires like the best.
    Arjen Arjen

    Manager of GRIP Climbing Centre. This enthusiastic ex-military knows his way around. A living whirlwind that constantly carries out what he has in his head. He likes to talk. A lot. When he encourages you with his loud voice and a good dose of enthusiasm, you'll reach the top without any trouble.
    Tineke Tineke

    (Financial) administration GRIP. In her student days, Tineke started giving instructions and youth training. Since then, this part-time job has grown into a fully-fledged job. This spirited lady always has her affairs in order. She works 4 days a week at the office. Besides that she is busy with her 3 men at home (1 big and 2 small).
    Olaf Olaf

    Olaf, everyone knows him! Former manager of the climbing hall. Right now he's setting a lot of routes. And many more routes. Beautiful routes, did I mention that already? He is also in charge of the maintenance of the climbing hall, and with the safety of climbers and employees at both locations.
    Bart Bart

    Bart has been working at GRIP since 2019. With his technical background he strengthens the rest of the team that consists mainly of digilliterates. He deals with all soft- and hardware within the organization. On top of that, he gives trainings, builds routes, and supports Arjen in the Klimcentrum. This centipede with his always smiling eyes is indispensable for GRIP.
    Sjors Sjors

    Sjors is the ultimate cross between a builder, an artist, and a boulderer. He climbs the most difficult boulders with ease. He is the head setter in the boulder hall and keeps himself busy with maintaining the hall. He also designs posters and repairs anything that is broken. No Sjors, no boulder hall.
    Melle Melle

    Top route builder and head coach of our youth selection. This walking climbing encyclopedia knows the answers to all your climbing related questions. Do you want to know the technical ins and outs of a route? Do you want to know why you are fumbling around in routes and how it should be done? Melle is the Leonardo Da Vinci among our trainers.
    Lukas Lukas

    As head coach, Lukas is responsible for all trainings within GRIP. He climbs the most difficult routes with an enviable suppleness. This fanatic climber has been training for decades now. With his experience in both education and climbing you're guaranteed a good lesson from Lukas.
    Linda Linda

    Linda is social, precise, and very creative! Among other things, she is responsible for the shop and furnishings. She also enjoys giving climbing and bouldering training to the youngsters. She loves to see the kids grow both within the climbing sport and also as individuals. Fun always comes first in her training!
    Peter Peter

    Peter has been giving climbing training at GRIP since 2017. Thanks to his charismatic character, you'll send seemingly impossible problems with a smile on your face. With his creative style and sporting background (CIOS Arnhem) he is always looking for new challenges.
    Fatos Fatos

    This tough broad packs a punch. Her muscles are for sure bigger than yours. With her physical and mental strength she tops routes you can only dream of. She builds routes, trains the youth selection, and is our resident physiotherapist in the Boulderhal.
    Maciek Maciek

    Maciek has been providing climbing training to youth and adults at all levels for 16 years. He prefers to climb outside. He likes to pass on his passion and experience to everyone he climbs and trains with.

    Simon Simon

    Simon is a child at home in the climbing and bouldering hall. If he's not giving any training, you'll likely find him in the training area of the Arena. This top competition climber has all the knowledge and experience to help you progress.
    Jules Jules

    Jules gives training to young climbers and boulderers. Novice climbers can come to him for a fun and instructive training. With enthusiasm he makes young climbers passionate about the sport.

    Anders Anders

    This Danish climber is trained as a movement scientist. After 5 years working in professional football, he switched to his real passion: the sport of heel hooks, knee bars, figure 4's, and bat hangs. He trains the youth selection with great enthusiasm. Also available for tailor-made trainings!

    Emma Emma

    Emma has been walking (climbing) around GRIP for years. In the climbing center she's the Queen of the Children's Party. With great pleasure she makes sure that the kids climb and descend safely. She has been training with the juniors for some time now and gives training to the youngsters herself.

    Pieter Pieter

    Pieter is our Social Media Man. He has a background in communication, is always enthusiastic and has become a fanatic boulderer. He also works for our sister company Aap Climbing, for which he crosses the country to provide other halls with the freshest climbing grips.

    Rik Rik

    This sporty ex-physiotherapist has traveled the world on his bike. Nowadays his bike rides are a little less exotic; every day he cycles back and forth to GRIP. Fortunately, he hasn't lost his sportsmanship. Without any effort he sends the most difficult boulders.

    Carlijn Carlijn

    This outdoor enthusiast has worked in Scandinavia for many years. At the moment Carlijn is studying psychomotor therapy and she is GRIP's rock in the surf. She's never too moved to take over a shift! And have you ever wondered who makes our beautiful chalk drawings? It starts with a C and ends with...

    Linn Linn

    Front desk

    Sannimari Sannimari

    This fanatic climber bites into routes. She is not too keen to use unusual body parts, such as her chin, while climbing. In addition to climbing, she's researching how to make the world greener. She can also teach you a lot of interesting Finnish words. Tip: Ask about the word for 'drink alone at home in your underwear'.

    Nele Nele

    Front desk

    Ian Ian

    Front desk

    Laurens Laurens

    Front desk

    Louis Louis

    Moral Support Officer