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  • Sport climbing at GRIP

    Sport climbing is the act of climbing long routes using a harness, rope and belay system.
    At GRIP Klimcentrum you can climb up to 21 meters off the ground. You need strength, endurance, technique, flexibility, and some guts. Are you lacking in any of these areas? Not a problem! Sport climbing is a great way to develop them!

    Routes vary in difficulty level, with plenty of routes for beginners and advanced climbers.

    New to sport climbing?

    Upstairs we have 20 Autobelays and over 50 climbing routes of various difficulty levels. Autobelays are self-regulating magnetic braking systems that gently lower you to the ground, allowing you to climb without a belayer.  They are easy to use and meet incredibly strict safety standards.

    If you are new to the sport, you may climb at our Autobelay area. We will give you a free 10 minute introduction about sport climbing with autobelays, our safety regulations and house rules. Make sure to bring comfortable sports wear. Climbing shoes are not required but are available for rent for € 3.50.

    Do you want to learn how to belay? Please check our courses.

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    Experienced climbers

    Those with more experience are welcome to Toprope or Lead climb on the main floor. There are approximately 100 routes available, reaching heights of up to 21 meters. Of course, if you are interested, you may also climb at our Autobelay area, but please make sure you receive the proper instructions from staff first.

    Attention: Toprope or Lead climbing is only for those who have completed an Indoor Toprope or Lead Climbing Course or climbers with equivalent experience. In addition, your gear must meet our safety standards.


    Booking in advance is mandatory in the following cases:

    • Groups of 5 or more people
    • Customers who have never used the Autobelays before
    • Autobelay climbing in weekends and holidays 

    Please make a booking 2 business days in advance. Give us a call for last minute bookings. 

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    Take a look at our climbing center below. Curious? What are you waiting for! Visit GRIP Klimcentrum and start exploring!