Friday night workshop night!

Every other Friday 20:00 interesting workshops with varying theme’s, check the schedule and find your workshop!

  •  Sign up online, at the bar or give us a call!
  • Cost: 15,-


31-3 RotPunkt! 

  • Tactics, reading and planning your project routes! Make projecting more effective and improve your max climbing grade.
  • Target audience: People that enjoy projecting
  • Location: Climbing center
  • Online registration

28-4 Inlezen! 

  • Route Reading!
  • Learn how to read routes, train your route memory and practice visualizing
  • Target audience: Anyone who wants to train their route reading skills.
  • Location: Climbing center
  • Online registration

12-5  How to train: Off the Wall

  • Learn to train and warm up in the Arena
  • Target audience: up to 6B. 
  • Location: Bouldergym
  • Online registration

26-5 Dare! (coping with lead climb stress)

  • Learn to relax and lead climb with ease. Exercises and tips to cope with your lead climb stress.
  • Target audience: Climbers that experience stress while lead climbing
  • Location: Climbing center
  • Online registration

9-6 How to train: On the Wall 

  • Want to learn how to train on the spraywall? Or how to use the campus and Tensionboard to train 
  • Target audienc: 6B (blue) and up.
  • Location: Bouldergym
  • Online registration

30-6 Improve your climbing technique 

  • One of the most important pillars of efficient climbing is proper climbing technique? How to improve weaknesses and use your strengths to reach new heights!
  • Target audience:  3A – 6A (KVB-IT). 
  • Location: Climbing center
  • Online registration


It’s time again for another edition of Pumped! Battle over 8 new routes for the prizes. Routes start at grade 5A and feature multiple zones, per route you only get 1 attempt! The competitors will be split up in two groups MID (up to 6B) and MAX. Pre registration isn’t required, just show up to the climbing gym on October 15th and join the fun! Afterwards we’ll reward prizes to the winners and take the time to enjoy some drinks together.

25 Years GRIP

On Saturday September 10th we celebrate our 25th birthday! A fun day with some special climbing challenges, nice food & drinks and a GRIP pubquiz. Challenges are individual. GRIP pubquiz requires a team of 4-6p, so bring your friends! We’ll also design a limited edition GRIP T-Shirt for the event. Hope to see you all there!

Corona measures: QR code

New national measures for sports locations will apply from Saturday 6 November.

All guests aged 18 and over must present a valid corona ticket (‘coronatoegangsbewijs’) upon entry at each visit.

This can be done in the form of a digital QR code via the CoronaCheck app or printed on paper via Both in combination with a valid ID. This QR code can be a vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or a negative test certificate. The new access rules do not apply to children up to and including 17 years of age.

New prices starting 01-01-2021

While all our costs have steadily grown over the years our prices have staid stable for two years. So we sadly have to raise our prices starting January 1st 2021. Good news is our current members many of whom have supported us for a long time will keep on paying the old price! This also means that this December is the last chance to score a membership or 10-entry card at the current price. Want to get a membership or 10-entry card online? No worries just send an email to:

Our new prices are in the picture below:



The new competition at GRIP Pumped! Test your skills on 8 new toprope routes, only 1 try per route. The routes are starting at grade 5a and go way beyond! Reservations are mandatory, but free and easy to make. Just click here. Select ‘Pumped!’ and the correct age group.

The kids up till the age of 15 will start of the event:

  • Kids: 10:30-12:30
  • Adults: 14:00-17:00
  • Prize ceremony Season Competition and Pumped! + BBQ: 17:00

Every route will have multiple zones, just tick off how far you got in the route. The 1000-point system and the Toplogger app will be used to keep score.

Afterwards we’ll have a BBQ. We will provide a hot grill, plates, cutlery and a nicely stocked bar. Just bring your own meat, salads, vegetables etc. and enjoy some drinks together.

We’re excited, hope to see everyone there!