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  • With rope
  • Up to 21 meters

    Sport climbing at GRIP

    Sport climbing is the act of climbing long routes using a harness, rope and belay system. At GRIP Klimcentrum you can climb up to 21 meters off the ground. You will need strength, endurance, technique, flexibility, and some guts.

    Are you lacking in any of these areas? Not a problem! Sport climbing is a great way to develop them!

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    GRIP Klimcentrum organises climbing courses and events for all skill levels. From technique courses for beginners, to competitions for advanced climbers and professionals. Subscribe for a course or visit one of our events!

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    21 Meters tall
    1900 Climbing wall in m²
    145 Routes
    9600 Climbing holds

    1900m² climbing wall

    Our team of professional routesetters sets new routes every week. These problems range from easy (level 3A, French grading system) to extremely hard (8A). Some routes require incredible balance, and flexibility, others a lot of strength and endurance. Belaying experience is not required; if you are new to the sport you may use our Autobelays: self-regulating magnetic braking systems that allow you to climb without a belayer.

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    Learn to climb

    Our Autobelay area is great: everyone can climb here, regardless of climbing experience. But are you ready for the real deal and want to learn to belay? Feel free to register for our Indoor Toprope Course. Still hungry for more? Register for our Indoor Lead Climbing Course!

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    Outdoor terace is open till 20:00

    We also have coffee, banana’s, Aquarius, muesli bars and some other quick snacks to keep you going!

    Maximum 2 people from 2 different households at one table.

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