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  • GRIP Crew

    Pieter Pieter

    Pieter does a bit of everyting. Marketing, assistant manager, and routesetter in the gym. He gives you the best bouldering tips, serves beers, and offers music advice!
    Sjors Sjors

    Sjors is the perfect combination of craftsmanship, creativity, and climbing skill. He is the head routesetter in the gym and takes care of its maintenance. Additionally, he designs posters and repairs everything that needs fixing. Without Sjors, there would be no bouldering gym.
    Peter Peter

    Peter has been giving climbing training at GRIP since 2017. With his charismatic personality, he can get you into routes with a smile that you wouldn't normally try yourself. Thanks to his creative style and athletic background (CIOS Arnhem), he is always looking for new challenges.
    Melle Melle

    Top routesetter at the gym! This walking climbing encyclopedia knows the answer to all your climbing-related questions. Do you want to know the technical details of a route? Do you want to understand why you're struggling on routes and learn how to do it right? Melle is the Leonardo da Vinci among our trainers.
    Timon Timon

    Enthusiastic boulderer, builder, and bartender Timon! He always comes cheerful to the gym with a jar of peanut butter to train or work for hours.