Reservations always required!  Please read our current corona regulations carefully.                                                                Reservations always required!  Please read our current corona regulations carefully.

  • Corona regulations

    Reservations always required!

    Climbing and bouldering in Nijmegen is proving very popular and we’re super happy about that. However, this also faces us with a big challenge. It’s our main priority to make sure that all of our visitors are able to come and climb safely and ‘corona-proof’. We noticed that our gyms have become very busy even outside of the rush hours. That is why we have to expand our reservations policy to make sure we’re not getting too crowded. As of the 25th of September it will always be necessary to make a reservation for your climbing or bouldering session. Even on weekday afternoons or weekend days.

    It remains very important to keep 1,5 meters distance from other climbers. To enable climbers to keep their distance we will limit the number of visitors to a maximum of 100 in the bouldergym and 50 in the climbing center. It’s important that you stick to your timeslot and leave on time. 

    We all need to do our best to make sure that we prevent the spread of the virus. In our gyms we use posters, floor markings and signs to notify you of our corona measures. Our employees might point them out to you if necessary. As a reminder here’s a list of the most important measures: 

    •  Reserve your time slot and stick to it.
    •  Keep 1,5m distance from other climbers.
    •  Disinfect your hands before and after your climbing session.
    •  Stay home if you have any corona symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has these symptoms. 

    Outside of your time slot you may use our cafe. We have a limited number of seats available and they have to remain where they’ve been set up (including barstools). Unfortunately, if there are no more seats available, you cannot stay in the cafe. 

    The dressing rooms and showers are available, but we advise you to change at home. 

    How to make reservations?

    On the 25th of September we will make available all time slots one week in advance. As of the 25th you will need to check in at the bar using your pass to make sure our registration list is in order. Inform the employee at the bar of your reservation and use the fastlane to check in.

    First time?

    Are you climbing for the first time and are you alone? Then book your spot at ‘Reservering boulderhal piekmomenten’ and report at the bar that you are bouldering for the first time.

    Are you with several inexperienced people? Inquire about the possibilities during peak times by the form ‘customised bookings’. Or even better: come outside peak hours and you can get started without making a reservation.

    Please note, groups of more than 5 must always make a reservation.

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